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Saturday, October 20 2018

Got Strategy?  

Do you own a small business in Washington state? You do huh? Then chances are your company's health plan is about to get it's annual medical plan renewal. Before rushing right into things, stop, breathe and review your employee benefits strategy first. These are some questions to consider prior to renewal:

Cost Management
What is your plan doing to manage benefits costs and achieve sustainable results so you can attract and retain the talent you need?
Compliance Consulting
Have you built a solid foundation for your overall compliance strategy and are you prepared for legislative and regulatory changes that impact your business?
HR Technology Solutions
Do you need to find the right solution that lightens your workload and enables you to achieve your objectives?
Health and Performance
What steps are you taking to enhance the health and productivity of your workforce?
Benefits Communication 
Where can you elevate year-round benefits communication so your employees understand and use their benefits?
Voluntary Benefits
What other benefit options are you offering that your employees will embrace?

Taking a strategic approach before renewal will save time and money.  If your strategy is old or non-existent, we can help.

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