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If you are eligible for a subsidy/tax credit, you may be better off purchasing through the Washington State Exchange or marketplace called the Washington Healthplanfinder.  Step one is to determine if you qualify for a subsidy.  While anyone may purchase a plan on the exchange, generally you may only qualify for a subsidy tax credit if:

  • Your household income is between the 138-400% of FPL 
  • You do NOT have employer offered coverage available to you
  • If you are married, you must file jointly, not separately
  • Must be a US citizen or legal immigrant​

EIGIBLE FOR A SUBSIDY? If you are eligible for a subsidy and want to use it, you must purchase your plan on the Exchange. To proceed and purchase on the Washington State Exchange go to Washington Healthplanfinder To search other state exchanges, go to

NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A SUBSIDY?  If you’re not eligible for a subsidy, you will be better off purchasing outside the Exchange and directly from the Insurance Carrier. To get started click Purchase From Carrier.

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